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Choosing a Realtor...

       A very important decision! Your realtor should be someone you know, like, and trust. But how do you find someone like that? 

       Quite easily actually. There are thousands of Realtors in my area, including myself. Conversely there are hundreds of thousands of people who need real estate expertise. In my professional opinion, I think that it is very important to have a connection with your realtor, not just someone you run into on Zillow. If you want someone capable, majority of realtors are capable at doing their job. However, If you want someone who is going to genuinely care whether or not you will be financially secure after purchase, cares about you and your family, and maintains contact after closing and keeps you updated on how your investment is doing year after year, then you should do more digging. 

       My Clients typically use me because I am honest to myself about what my purpose is. That purpose is to provide value while adhering to my three principals Honesty, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness. On top of those, my age as well as eccentric and easy going personality make creating that connection and trust easier. I always tell my clients that I will never trap them in a contract and at any point if they wish to walk away I will make that happen, IF that is what they choose. When we do go under contract they can know and believe that any action or advice I give them is honest and in their best interest. 

       That being said, go with who you know, like, and trust. If you need to find someone, look around at their social media. I guarantee you there will be a phone number on there, give them a call. Talk for a bit with them and feel them out. 



Best Regards,

Keven Beach, Realtor