Jim Wrenn
Office: (843) 577-0001
Mobile: (843) 697-3803
Fax: (843) 746-4521

Charleston, Downtown
49 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401-3001

Jim is a lifelong resident of the low-country.

Although his true calling may be in Real Estate, he has a background in

Customer Service, Supervision, Training and Human Resources, all of which

serve to make him an excellent resource for you in your search for the

perfect low-country home.


To be honest, Jim is poor golfer, an average fisherman, but an excellent

armchair quarterback.  He wrecks motorcycles, eats all the wrong foods,

and enjoys, in some degree of moderation, islay scotch and maduro cigars.

He has watched The Big Lebowski innumerable times, however, his heart

still favors Groundhog Day, because of the underlying message that our

lives only begin when we begin to put others first.  To be truthful

though, he really did like the way that rug pulled the room together.

When he grows up he wants to be Bob Dylan.


His beautiful wife Terry owns the best barbershop in the Palmetto state,

and his daughter Maddie is the latest addition to that wonderful staff. He

is a solid dog-walker for their Maltese monster, Chico, and the best son

ever to his momma, the Beeze.  His sisters confirm that he is, indeed,

their brother.


Let Jim help you with your search for your new home. He’ll quote Seinfeld,

astound you with his knowledge of the trivial and unimportant, and tell

you stories of the area that might be best left untold.  More important,

he’ll be your best advocate, your knight in slightly wrinkled tinfoil.

Armed with a GMC pickup and an iphone, he’ll show you the neighborhoods,

the highways, the byways and the tucked away hamlets of the tri-county

area. You want downtown? He’ll show you SOB to NoMo; you want East Cooper

or West Ashley? He’ll deliver Red Top to 41 and points beyond. You want to

try out the hinterlands of upper Berkeley county? Born and raised there;

he knows Santee Circle to Swamp Fox.  He’ll give you the lowdown on the

low-country, and tell you all the reasons why the Charleston, South

Carolina coast is the best place in the world to buy a home.

  • Low Country for life
  • Dedicated, diligent, hard working

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